Superduty Paddle

Superduty Paddle
The AT2 Superduty is meant to be super strong and reliable for the paddler who kayaks in the most demanding conditions. The stiff layup of the shaft provides a strong catch for creeking and river running without sacrificing the original smooth performance of the AT2. At first, the Superduty was an underground legend; now it's available to all who dare to paddle in the most punishing conditions. It was designed with one thing in mind � awesome strength. It is the preferred choice of our AT Professional Team because the only thing that's meant to break are records. Also it features a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY on the shaft. Yep, that's right: a limited lifetime warranty on the shaft.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> AT Paddles
SKU/UPC-> 12610
STATUS-> instock

Price: 499.95