Tiki Tech 3pc SUP Paddle

Tiki Tech 3pc SUP Paddle
The Starboard Tiki Tech 3-piece SUP Paddle is a high performance SUP paddle for racers, surfers, explorers or the stand up paddler that wants a lightweight, high performance paddle. The well balanced blade design blends stability, flex and power perfectly. The foundation of the Tiki Tech paddle is the Carbon Super Flex blade. This technology creates a blade that is extremely lightweight, strong but still flexes nicely to save the shoulders after a full day on your board. The Tiki Tech paddle is a great investment for the dedicated paddler that wants a paddle for a variety of different types of riding. SKU#: 12966
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
SKU/UPC-> 12966
STATUS-> instock

Price: 248.95


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