Tow Tether 53

Tow Tether 53"
The NRS 53" Tow Tether will help you set up a quick rescue. Set up a live bait rescue or tow your paddling partner's boat to shore. This strong tether with a built-in bungee is used with the quick-release harnesses on rescue PFDs. The tether enhances towing performance in rescue situations. The stainless O-ring includes a hook patch of "hook and loop" material that facilitates centering of the O-ring on vests that have the loop material sewn on in the back. It also has a hook patch on the carabiner end. This mates with a loop piece available on some rescue PFDs, forming a quick-release holder for the carabiner.
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Canoeing
BRAND-> NRS -> 50005.01.101
SKU/UPC-> 12335
STATUS-> instock

Price: 29.95