Baxton Studio Nu Table B911

Baxton Studio Nu Table B911
Table constructed of steel tubing and is made of ABS plastic that comes in a variety of colors. Raising and lowering the table base is made simple with the gas hydraulic piston system. Natural raw materials used for construction of our furnishings will have variations in areas such as (but not limited to) color, pattern, grain and texture. This includes substances such as wood and leather. These variations may appear in different surfaces of a single item, an area of a product when compared with that same area on an identical product, or on differing surfaces of different pieces of a matching set. NOTICE: THE ACRYLIC/LUCITE/PLASTIC USED FOR CONSTRUCTION OF THIS ITEM IS HIGHLY SUSCEPTIBLE TO SURFACE SCRATCHES, WHICH APPEAR AS A SCUFFS OR SMALL SCRATCHES. Our factory works to minimize the appearance of these on the surface of the material, but it is not completely avoidable with the factory's current technologies and manufacturing processes. You may notice scuffs on any exterior portion of this or similar products. It occurs during the packaging process, ocean import transit, transit to your door with the carrier, or during normal use. PLEASE EXPECT SCUFFS AND/OR SMALL SCRATCHES TO OCCUR. Material: Plastic, Metal Color: White Dimensions: 23.5 (W) * 23.5 (D) * 25-35 (H) Weight: 35
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