Avaya 1608-I IP Phone 700458532

Avaya 1608-I IP Phone 700458532
Avaya 1608-I IP Phone (700458532) The Avaya 1608-i is a full-featured IP phone with 9 programmable line and feature appearance buttons. It is an excellent choice for an everyday office worker with medium to high call volumes. New: Quantity This product is eligible for 2 Year Platinum Protection! PRODUCT SUPPORT NOTICE for Avaya 1608-I Avaya has released Product Support Notices #PSN004134u and #PSN004151u regarding firmware releases that can render the Avaya 1608-I inoperable It is recommended that all Avaya 1600 series IP phones be upgraded to firmware 1.3.5 Click here for detailed information regarding the problematic firmware and how it may affect you Download from Avaya's website: Firmware 1.3.5 Video: Avaya 1600 Series IP Phone Upgrade Avaya 1608-I Features 3 row x 24 character white backlit display (3.5 inch diagonal) Supports 8-line appearances/feature keys with dual LEDs 3 contextual soft-keys Fixed feature buttons include four-way navigation cluster, volume up/down, mute, speaker, headset, menu, telephony application, hold, conference, transfer, drop, contacts, call log, redial, quick-access voicemail High-quality 2-way speakerphone Message waiting indicator Integrated headset jack Desk or wall mountable with optional wall mount adapter Firmware upgradeable 8 personalized ring patterns Dual Ethernet ports for connection of phone and collocated PC w/VLAN separation Static or dynamic address assignment Powered via 802.3af Power over Ethernet or optional 5V local power supply (sold separately; see drop down option above) Compatibility The Avaya 1608-I IP phone is compatible with Avaya IP Office 6.0 or higher and Avaya Communication Manager 3.0 or higher Avaya 1600 Series Product Support Notice Recommended Action Because of the recent problems with firmware releases 1.3.2,1.3.4A, and 1.3.4B rendering some Avaya 1600 series IP phones inoperable, it is recommended that all 1600 series IP phones be upgraded by customers to the latest release of firmware, 1.3.5. Downloadable from Avaya's website: Firmware 1.3.5 Detailed Information Avaya has released Product Support Notices (PSN) for the above firmware releases.  The first PSN #PSN004134u states that if a newly purchased Avaya 1600 series IP phone with firmware 1.3.3 is installed on a system with firmware 1.3.2 available, the phone will become corrupted and not usable.  The second PSN #PSN004151u states that if 1.3.4B (or 1.3.4A as we have seen) is installed on the phone, then the phone could at anytime become corrupted and not usable.  If either of these situations occurs, then the phone will have to be repaired or replaced.  This is not covered by MetrolineDirect's warranty. IP Office Releases with Problematic Firmware The following are releases of IP Office software that are known to have the problematic firmware included. R9. R9. R8.1.79 R8.1.81 The 1600 series IP phone firmware should be replaced with the latest firmware from the above link.  Avaya Aura (Communication Manager) uses the same firmware versions and should be replaced as necessary. IP Office Releases with Fixed Firmware The latest release of IP Office R9 and R8.1 include the good firmware for Avaya 1600 series IP phones.  These releases are: R R8.1.85
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