Avaya TN464HP DS1-ISDN PRI Circuit Pack

Avaya TN464HP DS1-ISDN PRI Circuit Pack
Avaya TN464HP Universal DS1/ISDN Circuit Pack Like New: Quantity This product is eligible for 2 Year Platinum Protection! TN464HP Features ISDN-PRI T1 or E1 connectivity Line-out (LO) and line-in (LI) signal leads for unpolarized, balanced pairs Support for CO, TIE, DID, and off-premises station (OPS) port types that use any of the following protocols: - robbed-bit signaling protocol, - proprietary bit-oriented signaling (BOS) 24th-channel signaling protocol, or - DMI-BOS 24th-channel signaling protocol Support for universal, digital, signal level-1equipment in wideband ISDN-PRI applications Test-jack access to the DS1 or E1 line, and support of the 120A integrated channel-service unit (ICSU) module Support for the enhanced maintenance capabilities of the ICSU. These circuit packs can communicate with Avaya Interactive Response System Downloadable firmware Support for echo cancellation
CATEGORY-> Electronics -> Audio
BRAND-> Avaya
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