Bogen UTI1 Universal Telephone Interface

Bogen UTI1 Universal Telephone Interface
Bogen UTI1 Universal Telephone Interface The Bogen UTI1 Universal Telephone Interface provides single-zone paging for one-way applications such as self-amplified speaker systems. It is compatible with all standard analog port types and includes two audio outputs with level controls, each of which can provide audio for 150 Bogen self-amplified speakers. A 24V DC @ 1A internal power supply is available to power external equipment. New: Quantity Bogen UTI1 Features Single-zone paging Telephone interfaces: loop start trunk, ground start trunk, station access (analog ring-up), page port contact closure activation, page port voice activation Simple 2-switch interface setup Override paging (using loop start trunk or page port contact closure activation) Programmable activation of AUX contacts C-form contact Two audio outputs (Page Only and Page with Background Music) both with level controls Each output can provide audio drive for 150 self-amplified speakers High impedance transformer-isolated background music input with volume control Variable music mute Night Ringer (contact closure activation) Tone Trigger (tone and duration selectable, closureactivated) Tone burst (2 to 7 sec), chime, and slow whoop tone selections Pre-Announce/Confirmation Ton Adjustable output limiter with threshold control and active indicator Programmable timers control page duration (station and trunk) DTMF programming DTMF Block to help suppress DTMF tones over paging system Non-volatile memory for setup data (no backup battery required) Setup Tone to assist in volume setting Pluggable terminal strips Microcontroller-based operation Wall mounting flanges Rack panel kit with security cover available (RPKUTI1 sold separately)
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