Merlin Magix Release 4 0 Control Unit

Merlin Magix Release 4 0 Control Unit
Merlin Magix Release 4.0 Control Unit Like New: This product is eligible for 2 Year Platinum Protection! Merlin Magix 4.0 Overview Latest Hardware and Firmware Revision - CKE5 processor includes the latest revision of firmware (4.7) that addresses the new daylight savings change The "Brain" of the System - Contains the programming and circuitry that manages the switching activities of your telephone system Powerful Features - Provides over 150 built-in features to help simplify and streamline your communications Application Support - Supports new applications available from both Avaya and independent software vendors for messaging, customer service, call accounting, security, and much more Administration Port (RJ45) - Used to connect via modem or Socket Magix to use WinSPM administration software PC Card Slot - Used for backup/restore of system programming Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) Port - Connects to a serial printer or third-party call accounting solution Merlin Magix 4.0 Compatibility Voice Mail Systems - Merlin Messaging Release 1.0 - 4.0 and Intuity Audix solutions Expansion Modules - 800 GS/LS ID, 412 TDL, 024 TDL, 100 DS1, 100 DCD, 100R INA, 008 MLX, 408 GS/LS MLX ID, 016 MLX, 400 E&M, 800 BRI, 800 DID, 016 Tip/Ring, 016 ETR Telephone Sets - Legend MLX, Magix 4400, Partner ETR (MLS, Eurostyle, Eurostyle Series 2), TransTalk Digital Wireless, single line sets Also compatible with a variety of wireless, headset and conferencing solutions Includes Merlin Magix Basic Carrier w/Power Supply Merlin Magix Release 4.0 CKE5 Processor 2 MB Backup/Restore PC Card NOTE: Carrier does not include metal cover.
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