Mitel H261 Digital and IP Headset Package

Mitel H261 Digital and IP Headset Package
Mitel H261 Digital and IP Headset Package The Mitel H261 Headset Package connects directly to your Mitel digital or IP phone and gives you one-touch headset operation. Package Includes - H261 SupraPlus Headset and A10 Quick Disconnect Headset Cord Package Price: Regular: $77.00 Quantity Features Improved receive-side audio quality - Provides a greater receive-side frequency response and improves listening intelligibility Comfortable, lightweight design - Adjustable headband, foam ear cushions, and comfort T-Pad design create a stable, comfortable fit. Bendable click-stop microphone boom - Stays in position for clearer voice transmission. Single cable design - Designed for lightweight durability on SupraPlus binaural models Quick call feature - Headband twists out of the way for convenient quick call pick up. Voice tube design - Provides lightweight and unobtrusive voice transmission Adds one-touch operation to these models: Mitel 4015, 4025, 4125, 4150 Mitel 5000, 5010, 5020, 5040, 5055, 5140, 5201, 5205, 5207, 5210, 5212, 5215, 5220, 5224, 5230, 5235, 5240, 5250, 5312, 5324, 5330, 5340, 5550
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