Norstar MICS Release 6 1 XC Software NTAB9828

Norstar MICS Release 6 1 XC Software NTAB9828
The Norstar MICS R6.1 includes several new features and a few functionality changes. Distinctive ring for lines and hunt groups. System wide call appearance feature codes (SWCA) Caller ID display enhancements System speed dials increased to 255 Off-core DTI for profiles 1 and 4, allowing additional PRI lines (a new pool) TAT (Trunk Anti-tromboning) ICCL (ISDN Call Connection Limitation Centralized voice mail and auto-attendant on Norstar Voice Mail platform Profile 2: This profile has been adjusted to accommodate systems which use ETSI PRI lines with an a-law companding protocol Line renumberiing: Due to the addition of ETSI to Profile 2, the line numbering for the entire system has been realigned to accommodate the extra lines provided by the ETSI lines Modular ICS XC software also supports Nortel Companion mobility, allowing customers to install up to 32 Base Stations and 60 portable telephones
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