Partner ACS R6 0 Starter Package w-Voicemail

Partner ACS R6 0 Starter Package w-Voicemail
Partner ACS R6.0 Starter Package w/Voicemail With 3 lines and up to 8 extensions, the Partner ACS R6.0 package is a great place to start your business communications. It features the popular Partner ACS Release 6.0 processor, (4) Partner 18D telephones, 4 voice mailboxes, and automated attendant. Like New: Quantity This product is eligible for 2 Year Platinum Protection! The Partner ACS R6.0 Starter Package w/Voicemail includes (1) Partner ACS R6.0 Processor (4) Partner 18D Series 1 Telephones (1) Partner Voice Messaging PC Card R3 Small (4 mailboxes) Partner ACS R6 Processor Features Automatic Daylight Savings Patch - Includes the latest firmware (R6.85.T) that addresses the new daylight savings change Provides 3 Lines and 8 Stations Paging Port - Connect a loudspeaker paging system to a dedicated paging port on the processor Backup/Restore Capabilities - Back up system programming to a PC Card (sold separately - see Backup options above) Dual Line Caller ID - Supports both Caller ID name and number simultaneously on your display 2 PC Card Slots - Used for backup/restore of system programming, voice messaging PC cards, ASA/DXD, and software upgrades Direct Connection of Analog Devices - Answering machines, fax machines, telephones, and modems Two Contact-Closure Connections - Control door locks, security systems, and other devices by using the contact-closure adjunct Music On-Hold Port - Connect a music source or on-hold messaging system Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) Port - Connect to a serial printer or call accounting solution Two Power Failure Transfer Ports - Use single line telephones to connect to your phone lines during power outages Compatibility The Partner ACS R6.0 Processor is compatible with a variety of voice mails, expansion modules, and telephone sets. Voice Mail Systems - Partner Mail VS, Partner Messaging, and Partner Voice Messaging PC Card Expansion Modules - 200/200E, 206/206E, 308EC, 400E/400EC, 012E, T1, 1600 DSL Telephone Sets - Standard Single Line, MLS, Eurostyle, and Eurostyle Series 2 Also compatible with a variety of wireless, headset and conferencing solutions
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