Partner II Release 1 0 Processor

Partner II Release 1 0 Processor
Partner II Release 1.0 Processor Like New: Quantity Features Provides each extension with access to multiple lines from one phone Supports industry-standard touch-tone and rotary telephones Supports two extensions (10 and 11) for programming Supports up to two Intercom Autodialers at each programming extension - for dialing and transferring calls to other system extensions with one touch, and for easily seeing which extensions are busy Lets you connect fax machines, answering machines, modems, and credit card scanners directly to your phone system Displays prompts and messages to guide you when programming Provides Line Access Restrictions, Outgoing Call Restrictions, Disallowed Lists, and Allowed List for flexible call control Speed Dialing, Conferencing, Last Number Redial, Do Not Disturb, Privacy, Hold, Exclusive Hold, Transfer, Loudspeaker Paging, Call Forwarding, Direct Line Pickup Supports Calling Groups, Call Pickup Groups, Extension Hunt Groups, and Night Service Group for flexibility in directing and answering calls Provides power failure transfer ports to use standard single line telephones during power failure Supports optional equipment such as doorphones, hotline telephones, paging systems, music on-hold, call reporting devices, and extra alerts
CATEGORY-> Electronics -> Audio
BRAND-> Avaya
SKU/UPC-> paiire10pr
STATUS-> instock

Price: 59.00