TN2401-TN2400 Net-Pkt Interface

TN2401-TN2400 Net-Pkt Interface
TN2401/TN2400 Net/Pkt Interface Sandwich Board Assembly Like New: Quantity This product is eligible for 2 Year Platinum Protection! TN2401/TN2400 Features Using AMIS Analog Networking software applications, up to 485 different locations can be networked Provides network control interface (NETCON), the packet interface (PACCON), and, if VX.25 connectivity is not required, the processor interface (PI) Provides eight asynchronous data channels Required for the si model to save translations to the 5-volt ATA flash memory card The sandwich board assembly and the TN2404 processor is required for the following upgrades: A G1 or G3iV1 MCC with a TN773 Processor An s, i, or si system with a TN786B Processor when reusing the existing control carrier cabinet An si system with a TN790 or TN790B Processor. Any R5 or R6 system will have the old control carrier backplane and will require the TN2401/TN2400. For R7 and R8 systems, it is possible to have the old control carrier backplane or the new control carrier backplane. The old backplane is being used if the system has a TN794/TN2400 in the Network Control and Packet Control Slots If nothing is in the Packet Control Slot, then the new backplane exists
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