TN802B MAPD IP Interface Assembly

TN802B MAPD IP Interface Assembly
TN802B MAPD (IP Interface Assembly) Like New: Quantity This product is eligible for 2 Year Platinum Protection! TN802B Features Supports voice and fax calls from the Definity ECS across a corporate intranet or the Internet IP trunking software runs on an embedded PC operating under Windows NT Supports IP Solutions including IP Trunking and MedPro (H.323) with IP SoftPhones Implemented using the TN802/TN802B IP Interface which is a Windows NT server that resides on the IP Interface circuit pack inside the Definity ECS Operates in two modes: IP Trunk, available with Release 7, and Media Processor (MedPro/H.323), available with Release 8 To use it in MedPro mode, you activate it through administration to use the H.323 trunking feature related to IP Softphones; for these features, you must install a TN799 C-LAN circuit pack
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