Love Dare Bible Study Member Book

Love Dare Bible Study Member Book
The Love Dare Bible Study Member Book creates a marriage-centered Bible study experience for individuals and couples. Eight small-group sessions are based around one or more movie clips from the motion picture Fireproof and connect couples to The Love Dare both during the session and throughout the week. It utilizes activities that create community, provide opportunities to dialogue about real life in real marriage, explore and apply God's Word, and invite participants into a risky but redemptive journey. Each session drives participants toward daily readings and applications in The Love Dare. Session 1: Leading Your Heart Session 2: The Power of Influence Session 3: Honouring and Cherishing Your Spouse Session 4: Living with Understanding Session 5: Unconditional Love Session 6: Walking in Forgiveness Session 7: Building Marriage on Prayer and God's Word Session 8: Establishing a Covenant Marriage Ideal for: Home Small Groups Discipleship Groups (on-campus Sunday Night/Wednesday Night) Sunday School Church-wide Campaigns (Multiple Formats)
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