Almond Paste

Almond Paste
Almond Paste by OliveNation features the finest blanched ground almonds mixed with sugar. It can be used in many different ways, including cakes, pies, tarts, tortes, candy, and other delicious desserts. With a superior consistency, Almond paste by OliveNation is easy to work with and can be mixed, rolled, or molded. Adding almond paste to a recipe will heighten its flavor profile. What is the consistency of almond ? Almond paste is thick. Firm and pliable, OliveNation's Almond paste is of professional quality and can be molded and rolled. You can also mix almond paste with other ingredients, such as in fillings and frostings. The ingredient can be sliced: just roll almond paste into a log, refrigerate, and cut it as you wish. What does almond paste taste like? Premium Almond Paste by OliveNation has a delicate almond flavor. You can intensify the taste by combining almond paste with almond extract. It pairs well with fruit and chocolate flavors. Is almond paste different than marzipan? Although almond paste and marzipan have similar ingredients, they're not the same. Almond paste contains more almonds and is used as a filling. Marzipan, however, is sweeter and good for decorating baked goods or making candy. Almond paste can be used to make marzipan. What are some ways to use almond ? Mix almond paste into your favorite scone recipe. Blend almond paste into frosting for a subtle almond flavor. Bake almond cake or cookies. Make almond scones. Add almond paste to a pie crust. Make candy or marzipan with almond . Bake a fruit and almond tart. Add almond paste to a croissant recipe. Bake almond French macarons. Create decadent almond brownies. Use almond paste in your favorite muffin or breakfast bread recipe. What are some recipes using almond ? Almond Cloud Cookies Pignoli Cookies Almond Cake Apricot Frangipane Tart Blueberry Pie with Almond Crumble Topping
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