Apple Extract Natural

Apple Extract Natural
Organic Apple Extract from OliveNation gives cakes, pies, and other baked goods delicious apple flavor. Even if you're using fresh apples in your recipe, you can deepen the apple flavor with our extract. It gives canned and frozen fruit a boost, too. Try OliveNation Organic Apple Extract in fillings, pies, ice cream, and more. Can I replace another extract with Organic Apple Extract? Yes. You can substitute Organic Apple Extract one to one in recipes calling for other kinds of extracts. What are some ways to use Organic Apple Extract? Here are some ideas: Flavor a smoothie or shake with Organic Apple Extract. Enhance the flavor of a canned or frozen apple pie filling. Boost the flavor of homemade apple jam or jelly with Organic Apple Extract. Create an apple sauce for ice cream. Create an apple dressing or vinaigrette with Organic Apple Extract. Bake an apple cake or cupcakes. Make apple candy or candied apples. Use Organic Apple Extract to flavor vodka, a martini, or other spirits. Add apple flavor to homemade beer or wine. Enhance the flavor of fruit salad with Organic Apple Extract. Information for E-Cigarette and Non Food & Drink Customers
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