Apricots Dried

Apricots Dried
Luscious and juicy. If you love apricots, these are for you. California Blenheims are sought out by apricot aficionados California Blenheim apricots are considered by apricot aficionados to be the finest in taste. Our dried Blenheims fit that profile. What makes these dried apricots different from all the others is that the whole apricot is dried with the pit removed. The end result is a juicy, meaty apricot. These are truly gourmet apricots for the discriminating. Available in limited quantities, we obtain these from a small, family-owned farm that actually grows and dries the apricots. The apricots are also processed with a minimum of sulfur dioxide. For that reason, we strongly suggest you refrigerate these goodies taking only the amount needed out of the fridge to satisfy your cravings. Ingredients:Apricots, sulfur dioxide
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