Black Walnut Extract Natural

Black Walnut Extract Natural
Pressed from the finest black walnut trees, Olive Nation's Black Walnut Extract - Organic Compliant has hundreds of uses ranging from the culinary to the holistic. Our black walnut extract is produced from the hulls of walnut shells, said to not only be tasty, but healthy as well. This highly concentrated liquid is commonly sold in health food stores as an herbal supplement. It contains a high concentration of tannins, a chemical also found in red wine believed to reduce inflammation. Extract from black walnuts provides rich walnut flavor to any recipe. Just a few drops provide a large amount of flavor. Add it to baked goods recipes like brownies for an enhanced nutty flavor. It can also be added to hot beverages like coffee and cocoa to created a delicious cafe drink.Information for E-Cigarette and Non Food & Drink Customers
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