Callebaut CP777 Cocoa Powder

Callebaut CP777 Cocoa Powder
Callebaut Unsweetened Dutched Cocoa Powder 22/24% This is a dutch-processed (alkalized) powder with 22/24% cocoa butter content. It is a similar color and flavor to the Royal Dutch from Bensdorp - and carries the world famous Callebaut label. It is great for mousse, cremes, biscuits, ice cream, confectionery, decoration, and hot chocolate. Product of Belgium. Notes about packaging chocolate: For your convenience, Olivenation re-packages some Valrhona and Callebaut items from larger size couverture bags into smaller size bags. Therefore, items may not arrive in the manufacturers original packaging. Storage and Shelf Life: Cocoa powder must be kept cool and dry. White not as fragile as chocolate, it can become lumpy if damp. Stored properly cocoa powder can keep in good condition for years.
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