Callebaut Vermicelli Dark

Callebaut Vermicelli Dark
Designed for decorating gourmet pastries, Callebaut Vermicelli is more than just chocolate sprinkles. Callebaut, the world renown Belgian chocolatier, uses only the finest cocoa beans for roasting and refinement into their world class chocolate. Vermicelli (or 'jimmies' as they are commonly known in the industry) created with Callebaut chocolate are rich and delicious without being waxy or tasteless. Callebaut vermicelli is made with 100 percent pure dark, milk, and white chocolate. These fine, shiny chocolate pieces are perfect for plate decoration, sprinkling on cupcakes, and crusting cake icing. Mix all three flavors for a textured look, or use dark chocolate on light icing for a decorative contrast. No matter how you use the vermicelli, the results will be delicious.
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