Coconut Extract

Coconut Extract
Pure Coconut Extract by OliveNation features the delicious taste of fresh coconut. Use it to enhance your cakes, cookies, candy, beverages, savory dishes and more. Professional bakers and chefs love our Pure Coconut Extract because it's stronger than other extracts. A premium product, Pure Coconut Extract does not contain sugar or propylene glycol (PG). It's also certified kosher and gluten-free. Storage: Be sure to close the bottle tightly after each use and store it in a cool, dark place. What are some ways to use Pure Coconut Extract? The ingredient pairs well with fruits like banana, mango and strawberry. A combination of chocolate and coconut is also delightful. There are endless ways to use Pure Coconut Extract, but here are some ideas to spark your culinary creativity: Substitute Pure Coconut Extract in place of vanilla extract in any recipe. Make a coconut cream pie. Bake a coconut cake or cupcakes. Use Pure Coconut Extract in your favorite pound cake recipe. Make coconut frosting or whipped cream. Bake coconut cookies or macaroons. Stir Pure Coconut Extract into pancake batter for a tropical twist. Create coconut cocktails and celebrate summer all year long. Cook up a delicious curry with Pure Coconut Extract. Flavor a cheesecake with Pure Coconut Extract. Make a coconut shake or smoothie. Flavor coffee with Pure Coconut Extract Make coconut sorbet, frozen yogurt or ice cream.
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