Hazelnut Extract

Hazelnut Extract
Pure Hazelnut Extract by OliveNation gives cakes, cookies, coffee, ice cream, fillings, frosting, and more the wonderful flavor of hazelnut. You'll love its nutty aroma and taste. Our Hazelnut Extract is sugar-free and gluten-free. How do you substitute Hazelnut Extract in recipes? You can substitute Hazelnut Extract one to one in recipes calling for other types of extract. What are some ways to use Hazelnut Extract? Make a chocolate-hazelnut spread. Bake hazelnut biscotti, cookies, cakes, brownies, and other desserts. Make a hazelnut buttercream with Hazelnut Extract. Improve the flavor of boxed cake mix by adding a teaspoon of Hazelnut Extract. Flavor brewed coffee. For a pot of coffee (10-12 cups), use a half teaspoon of Hazelnut Extract. It can also be added to coffee beans before grinding. Make chocolate hazelnut pudding. Create a cake or pie filling.
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