Hazelnut Filbert Flour

Hazelnut Filbert Flour
Olivenation's hazelnut (filbert) flour is a hearty flour that is the perfect gluten free alternative for making cookies, cake and other desserts. This stable, balanced, no grain flour is delicious and produces high quality baked goods. Nut flours, naturally high in Omega fatty acids, have traditionally been favored over coconut flour used in gluten free recipes because they lend more moisture to the baking. To create gourmet hazelnut flour, raw hazelnuts are cold pressed to remove their natural nut oils. The remaining grounds are then pulverized into a powder fine flour that American gluten free and paleo chefs praise for for its consistency and unique flavor. The hazelnut flavoradds a unique twist that makes this flour unlike any other. Hazelnut flour contains absolutely no gluten, grains, added sugar, or any other additives. Hazelnut flour can be substituted in virtually any recipe that calls for traditional flour. With this low carb, high protein staple, all of your favorite baked goods can be transformed into health food snacks. Hazelnut muffins have a sweet, nutty flavor and have high levels of protein, leaving you feeling fuller longer. It makes moist, chewy cookies as well. Try our hazelnut flour to create delicious no flour biscotti!. Hazelnut biscotti can also be dipped in chocolate for a more decadent flavor.
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