Kismet Fate 20ct Box

Kismet Fate 20ct Box
Rated 89 by Cigar Aficionado! "Produced by the Augusto Reyes Family at Corporacion Cigar Export in Santiago, DR - Kismet is a true labor of love. It is a Dominican Puro using six different tobaccos grown by the Reyes family at various locations in the Dominican Republic. The blend takes full advantage of the varied climates and rich soils of this beautiful country. Kismet is an Urdu word meaning fate or destiny. When we visited the CCE factory and smoked this wonderful puro, it was as if everything had lined up perfectly, as if it was destined to be ours! And hence Kismet was born. We are sure that whatever your fate or destiny is, Kismet cigars will be there to enjoy the moment with you.
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