La Palina Family Series Miami Pasha 10ct Box

La Palina Family Series Miami Pasha 10ct Box
�The original Family Series was the first line of cigars produced by La Palina Cigars after the company was re-launched in 2010. Inventory of the original line dwindled as demand for them grew, and eventually the source tobaccos became unavailable. Bill Paley decided to move production of the line to Miami and start the re-blending process at El Titan de Bronze. After well over a year, a gorgeous Ecuadorian Corojo 98 was selected to showcase this super-premium cigar. The La Palina Family Series Miami, which also features an Ecuadorian Habano binder and meticulously selected Nicaraguan filler, is prepared only by elite teams of category 9 rollers. Perfectly balanced, expertly crafted, and handsomely presented, the La Palina Family Series Miami is an exceptional expression of the Paley legacy.�
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