Marshmallow Flavor

Marshmallow Flavor
Marshmallow Flavoring by OliveNation flavors cakes, cookies, and other baked goods. Sugar-free, it's a great way to add the delicious taste of marshmallow without added calories. Like baking extracts, Marshmallow Flavoring contains alcohol and is intended for recipes that require cooking or baking to evaporate the liquor. Marshmallow Flavoring is gluten-free. Can Marshmallow Flavoring be used to Flavor Smoothies? You can add a small amount of Marshmallow Flavoring to whipped cream, frosting, smoothies, and shakes. However, Marshmallow Flavoring is suspended in alcohol, which cooks off during baking or cooking. For no-bake applications, we recommend that you use just a tiny bit. Here are some delicious ideas for using Marshmallow Flavoring: Flavor a sweet potato casserole without adding a marshmallow topping. Give chocolate or peanut butter fudge marshmallow taste. Bake marshmallow-flavored cakes and cupcakes. Give caramel popcorn a flavor twist with Marshmallow Flavoring. Flavor stovetop pudding or mousse.
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