Mexican Vanilla Extract

Mexican Vanilla Extract
Mexican Vanilla Extract by OliveNation features full-bodied flavor and smoothness like none other. With its warm climate and fertile soil, Mexico is known to produce some of the finest vanilla beans in the world. Our pure Mexican Vanilla Extract is complex, adding creaminess, sweetness, and spiciness to baked goods. Use it anywhere you'd add ordinary vanilla extract. Try it in cakes, cookies, brownies, candies, and more for phenomenal flavor. Our customers have told us that after using Mexican Vanilla Extract once, they can never go back! This product is kosher. Please note that Mexican Vanilla Extract contains a high concentration of alcohol by volume. So it's intended for cooking and baking applications where the alcohol has sufficient time to evaporate. If used in no-bake or no-cook applications, you may notice an alcohol aftertaste.Storage: Store in a cool, dark place.
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