Montecristo White Vintage No 3 20ct Box

Montecristo White Vintage No 3 20ct Box
A super premium cigar made to compliment the ever-popular Montecristo White brand, the White Vintage Connecticut harbors the smooth essence of the original blend with a touch of class and amazing tasting notes. These cigars are rolled with a Vintage Connecticut seed wrapper, shade-grown in the fertile soils of the Montecristo farms in Connecticut. The beautiful labels and hand-painted wooden boxes showcase the original Connecticut tobacco barn. This blend is mild-medium boded with notes of spice, cream, hazelnuts, espresso beans and vanilla.
CATEGORY-> Food/Beverage -> Tobacco
BRAND-> Montecristo -> 71610862289
SKU/UPC-> 700071 -> 71610862289
STATUS-> instock

Price: 189.00