Pecan Flavor

Pecan Flavor
Pecan Flavoring by OliveNation gives cakes, cookies, and other baked goods delicious pecan taste. It's an easy way to add the taste of pecan, even if you don't have any nuts on hand. Try Pecan Flavoring in your favorite pecan pie, praline, candied popcorn, brownie, biscotti, and muffin recipes. Ideal for baking, Pecan Flavoring is sugar-free and gluten-free. Can Pecan Flavoring be used in Frosting? You can add a small amount of Pecan Flavoring to whipped cream, frosting, smoothies, and shakes. Like baking extracts, Pecan Flavoring is suspended in alcohol, which bakes or cooks off. For no-bake applications, we recommend that you use just a tiny bit. You can try our Butter Pecan Flavor Fountain, which was designed for beverages and other liquid applications. Here are some delicious ideas for working with Pecan Flavoring: Flavor butter pecan dessert bars. Give pecan chocolate chip cookies more pecan flavor. Substitute vanilla extract with Pecan Flavoring to give your recipe a different flavor profile.
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