Savinelli Clark

Savinelli Clark"s Favorite Smooth Pipe
Clark's Favorite Smooth Pipe. The Savinelli story started in 1876 when Archille Savinelli Sr. opened one of the first stores in the world exclusively selling smoking articles. The small shop, which is still at its original location, soon became a meeting place where passionate smokers could exchange opinions and discuss experiences. Savinelli continues to bring together smokers through their independent line of fine pipes, pipe tobacco and other smoking accessories. With unique precision and impeccable quality, Savinelli impresses anyone who has the privilege of using or smoking their products. Length: 173mm Arc Height: 46mmOuter Diameter: 30mm Fire Diameter: 18.3mmFire Depth: 38mm Weight: 38gr
CATEGORY-> Food/Beverage -> Tobacco
BRAND-> Savinelli -> 000000000000
SKU/UPC-> 901106 -> 000000000000
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