Valrhona Guanaja 70% Dark Chocolate

Valrhona Guanaja 70% Dark Chocolate
Notes about packaging chocolate: For your convenience, Olivenation re-packages some Valrhona and Callebaut items from larger size couverture bags into smaller size bags. Therefore, items may not arrive in the manufacturers original packaging.Valrhona Guanaja 70% Dark Bittersweet Chocolate Feve (wafers/)Guanaja means a celebration of bitterness. Guanaja develops extraordinary bitterness in this masterful blend of criollo and Trintario that reveal a whole aromatic and complex range of fruits, coffee, molasses and floral notes. The chocolate feve (small oval coin shape), a preferred format of culinary professionals, is now available for home baking enthusiasts as a user-friendly way to bake stunning cakes, cookies and a host of other delights for family and friends! The fermented South American beans provide the foundation for a lingering and intense flavor that bursts with complexity and winey overtones. It is perfect for mousse and ganache, where the deepest flavor is required. Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (70% cocoa minimum, pure cocoa butter). Storage: in a dry place between 16-18C / 60-64F.Storage and Shelf Life:Chocolate must be kept in a cool (preferably below 65 F) and dry environment. When kept in proper storage chocolate can be in good condition for a year or two or even longer. Chocolate is susceptible to picking up "off notes" from strongly flavored products such as caraway, onion, garlic, etc., and should be stored separately. Occasionally there may be light-coloured streaks or film on the surface of the chocolate. This occurs naturally and is a characteristic of pure chocolate. It will disappear when the chocolate is re-melted.
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