Wiri Wiri Chiles

Wiri Wiri Chiles
Dried and de-stemmed Wiri Wiri chilies will spice up any dish, sauce or rub that you can imagine. This pepper is the best and most popular hot peppers native to the Guyanese lands. In fact, the Scoville heat until is 150,000 which is comparable to the habanero pepper; which is significantly hotter than the jalapeño that comes in at a measly 10,000 units on the heat scale.The Wiri Wiri, also called a hot cherry pepper or bird cherry pepper can be ground, chopped, minced, diced and plummeted into sauces such as this all natural ketchup, creating a spiciness zest that will make your taste buds dance. Or create a special rub for your sizzling steaks using freshly ground peppercorns, garlic, a touch of cumin and a zest of Wiri Wiri.If you've found your dishes lacking in the zing and jalapeño's just aren't doing it for you then it's time you went to the next level without sacrificing heat for flavor -- because with these chili peppers, it's all about the flavor! Wiri Wiri chilies will take you there, regardless of what you decide to call them.Tip From the Chilies Master: Wiri Wiri packs a lot of heat and the secret is in the seed. The more seed you use, the hotter the taste will be. And water won't cut it if you find too much on your tongue. Milk pure 100% fat milk. Don't say we didn't warn you.
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