12" Depth Wire Shelves
The Shelving Store has metro style wire shelving to get you organized! With tons of sizes and styles, we can help you take care of your next storage project. These 12"d wire shelves are available in several widths from 1' to 6'!Please note that these shelves may not fit with shelves from different wire shelving brands. Use the actual dimensions below to access whether our shelves will fit with your existing system.Actual Dimensions: 12"d = 12"d12"w = 11.75"w18"w = 17.625"w24"w = 23.625"w30"w = 29.625"w36"w = 35.625"w42"w = 41.75"w48"w = 47.625"w60"w = 59.75"w72"w = 71.75"wBrand: Shelving Inc.Product Weight: 6-20lbs
CATEGORY-> Home/Family -> Furniture
BRAND-> Shelving Inc. -> SIS-12-P
STATUS-> instock

Price: 10.40


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