18d Green Epoxy Wire Shelf

18d Green Epoxy Wire Shelf
Green epoxy wire shelving is great for green houses because it lets light pass through the wires to plants on lower shelves and it stays rust-free in the high humidity. In walk-in freezers, wire shelving allows for better air circulation and a higher visibility of storage items. This shelving won't rust if the basement or garage floods, and won't collect dust or mold. Features7 year manufacturer's warranty against rust and corrosionCan be used in freezers, humid environments, and for wash-downProduct InformationWeight Capacity (evenly distributed): 54" width = 600lbsHigh quality carbon-steel base with zinc coating and dark green epoxy coatingBrand: OlympicProduct Weight: 7-18lbsAssembly InformationEasy, no-tool assemblySplit sleeves (shelf clips) included
CATEGORY-> Home/Family -> Furniture
BRAND-> Olympic -> J18K-P
STATUS-> instock

Price: 29.31


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