2 Port Digital Air Bed Pump

2 Port Digital Air Bed Pump
American National's 2 Port Digital Air Bed Pump features a quick response time, whisper quiet inflation/deflation, "real-time" pressure read out and a beautiful digital display. Equipped with a 50 liter per minute high output compressor, low voltage locking solenoids and quick locking connectors, the Intelligent Air Control system offers whisper quiet performance, quick response times and ease of use. The 2 port digital air bed pump control offers a "real time" pressure read out and the dual memory settings allow you to program your favorite settings with a touch of a button. The 2 Port digital pump unit is made for use with Instant-Comfort 5500, 7500 & 9500, while the 4 Port unit for use with Instant-Comfort 10K3 and 10K3-ST.
CATEGORY-> Home/Family -> Furniture
BRAND-> American National Manufacturing -> 01-71-9100-G2-
STATUS-> instock

Price: 450.00


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