Basic Wire Closet Shelving - 18

Basic Wire Closet Shelving - 18"d x 72"h
The basic wire closet shelving is great for small spaces because it is available in a variety of sizes. These models will fit in any closet that is at least 18 inches or deeper, which is standard for most closets. The versatility makes this style great for renters and home owners alike! Pick the size that fits your space and organize your wardrobe today.Includes(1) 18"d wire shelf (w/ shelf clips)(4) 72"h posts (w/ leveling feet)(2) 18"d hanger rails and (2) shelf-width hanger rails(1) Clothes hanging rod (w/ brackets) matching shelf widthFeaturesHeight of shelf can be adjusted along postsHanger rails add stability and double as accessory rackVentilated design promotes visibility and improved airflowProduct DetailsWire shelf holds up to 800 lbsClothing rod holds 400 lbsNo tools required for assemblyAdd casters to make your closet shelf mobileBrand: Shelving Inc.Product Weight: 44-79lbsAssembly InfoBegin by assembling the frame:Connect the shelf clips to the bottom notch of each postSlide the 18"d hanger rails down over the clips (front to back)Connect the two sides with the wide hanger rail along the back postsScrew the top halves of the posts into the bottom halvesAdd another wide hanger rail halfway up for stabilityAttach the shelf near the top using the shelf clipsHook brackets beneath shelf, parallel to wire rungs, and insert clothing rod
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