Bean Bag 4 Refill - Elite - 30-0081-000

Bean Bag 4 Refill - Elite - 30-0081-000
Bean bag refill is available in single (2) cube bags. Refill is ideal for keeping your bean bag furniture in top shape. Our whole virgin bead easily makes your bean bag fluffy and comfortable within minutes. Using a paperclip, insert where zipper tab was and pull zippers open. Fill and re-close making sure bean bag is securely shut. It's that easy! 300081000 Features: Refill your bean bag in a dry area with no breeze (Recommended) 8 Cube refill Material: Polystyrene Beads
CATEGORY-> Home/Family -> Furniture
BRAND-> Elite -> 30-0081-000
SKU/UPC-> Elite-Furniture-30-0081-000 -> 752747132338
STATUS-> instock

Price: 64.98