Bratt Decor Chelsea Cradle in White

Bratt Decor Chelsea Cradle in White
The Chelsea cradle is the perfect accent to your modern nursery, that adds a little pizzazz with its antique silver finish. This beautifully carved cradle is the perfect place for your little one to rock gently to sleep. The ornate carvings on the side of the cradle add elegance to the cradle, and your nursery. Designer, Stephen Bauer, has cleverly incorporated an anti-rock, or locking, mechanism that renders the cradle stationary without detracting from the beauty of this product. The manual stopper (which tucks discreetly away in the rockers) is fashioned in the same finish as the cradle and sits subtly at its rockers.
CATEGORY-> Home/Family -> Furniture
BRAND-> Bratt Decor
STATUS-> instock

Price: 539.00