Bugaboo Donkey Bassinet Complete

Bugaboo Donkey Bassinet Complete
The Bugaboo Donkey Bassinet Complete can be used with the Bugaboo Donkey Base, Tailored Fabric Set, and Bugaboo Donkey Duo Extension Set for a Twin configuration. The bassinet keeps your baby cozy while traveling in your Bugaboo Donkey stroller and fits onto the seat/bassinet frame included with the Bugaboo Donkey Duo Extension Set (sold separately), cradling your newborn with easy-care fabric and an aerated mattress. Purchase a Bugaboo Donkey Base, two Bugaboo Donkey Tailored Fabric Sets, Bugaboo Donkey Duo Extension Set, and Bugaboo Donkey Bassinet Complete for a complete Twin configuration stroller. What's Included bassinet fabric mattress bassinet bottom
CATEGORY-> Home/Family -> Furniture
BRAND-> Bugaboo Strollers
SKU/UPC-> BGB-181115ZW03 -> 8717447057673
STATUS-> instock

Price: 126.00


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