Villager III 20 Residential Fiberglass Flagpole

Villager III 20 Residential Fiberglass Flagpole
This fine residential flagpole is manufactured with a mixture of fiberglass and polyester resin, finished with a marine grade UV-resistant gel coat to prevent hazing, chalking and deterioration of color. Its specially-engineered tapered design provides added strength and wind resistance to 100mph and average 50,000lbs per square inch tensile strength.This residential grade 3-piece white fiberglass flagpole comes complete with a gold anodized aluminum spun ball top, stationary truck, cleat, ? Nylon halyard, corrugated PVC ground sleeve and flash collar. This flagpole ships via UPS. Designed to withstand wind speeds in excess of 100mph. 6 Year Limited Warranty on the flagpole shaft. Marine-grade UV-resistant high gloss gel coat finish. 50,000 lbs per square inch tensile strength. Does not conduct electricity and is safer than aluminum or steel poles. Easy, 1-person installation. Butt diameter 3.75", top diameter 2". Total length of pole is 22ft. Flag sold seperately - 3' X 5' Tough Tex Recommended.
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Price: 369.00