Messy Marvin Starvin

Messy Marvin Starvin" Marvin Reversible Bib in Ivory-French Gray
This is Messy Marvin's amazing ?NO NEED TO LAUNDER? bib!? No more countless loads of bib laundry!? Made with 2 layers of the Messy Marvin ?Wipe it Up? Fabric, all you do is rinse it off under the sink, or scrub with dish washing soap(depending on how messy your little eater is) and pat dry with a towel/paper towel- and then put it right back on your little guy/gal! Dries almost instantly! In a nutshell, indestructible but good looking (bye bye plastic coating!) bib for for babies and messy eaters of all ages! All Messy Marvin products are constructed out of our custom WIPEABLE and RINSEABLE fabrics. The fabrics look similar to a wide weave linen, but are made of 100% lead free Polyester with a Water and Stain Repellant Coating. Our fabrics DO NOT NEED TO BE LAUNDERED. The fabric also has a lead free PVC backing, ensuring that nothing gets through the surface to your furniture. All products are meant to PROTECT, yet look nice. Truly the meeting of the minds of design and kids and pets! CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Most food and drink will wipe off of the Messy Marvin fabric with a wet paper towel. If a substance such as ketchup or yellow mustard is ground into the material, you may need to remove the cover/item and rinse under the sink with warm water and soap to remove stain completely. Fabrics will dry almost immediately when patted down with a towel or paper towel. Products may go in the washing machine, but DO NOT DRY as the coated backing may shrink or crack with high heat.
CATEGORY-> Fashion -> Girls
BRAND-> Messy Marvin
SKU/UPC-> MSM-SM-IVFG -> 616320727185
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Price: 29.00