Pishposh Mommy Wet-Dry Bag in Pacifica

Pishposh Mommy Wet-Dry Bag in Pacifica
This stylish, eco-friendly, reusable bag holds all your wet stuff, from infant diapers to toddler potty training gear to big kid swimsuits. You can even use it for yourself, to store makeup and toiletries for travel or trips to the gym. The main pocket has a zipper closure and is made of a water-resistant lining sewn to prevent leakage. An extra pocket on the outside keeps your dry items dry. You'll love the handle and snaps on the outside that let you fold the bag into a wristlet.? features: Machine washable and cloth diaper mama approved! Outer: 100% cotton. Lining: waterproof PUL
CATEGORY-> Fashion -> Girls
BRAND-> Pishposh Mommy Diaper Bags
SKU/UPC-> PPM-W111-602 -> 721762255711
STATUS-> instock

Price: 34.99

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