Stokke PramPack Transport Bag

Stokke PramPack Transport Bag
Travelling with your children can be one of life?s richest experiences. The Stokke? PramPack? was designed so that you can simply enjoy the journey whilst we ensure that your stroller arrives safe and sound. Airline approved, the Stokke? PramPack? fits almost any stroller. Once you arrive, simply roll the Stokke? PramPack? up for easy storage. Simple. Bon Voyage! The Stokke? PramPack? travel bag fits 99% of all brands of single strollers, and many double strollers. Rugged construction developed in cooperation with Norwegian airlines. Smart features include telescoping handle and premium baggage wheels for easy handling thru the airport.The travel bag stores compactly when not in use; simply roll the Stokke? PramPack? sleeping bag style
CATEGORY-> Fashion -> Girls
BRAND-> Stokke Furniture & Bedding
SKU/UPC-> ST-191400
STATUS-> instock

Price: 199.00