2015 Cleveland CG Black Driver

2015 Cleveland CG Black Driver
2015 Cleveland CG Black Driver The CG Black Driver provides the longest carry of drivers tested, allowing players to hit shorter clubs into greens to shoot lower scores. INCREASED DISTANCE Lower swing MOI allows players to keep their same smooth swing and generate more club head speed. Combine the lower swing MOI with the lightest driver on the market and this gives you more ball speed - meaning more distance. IMPROVED CG LOVATION To achieve even greater distance, our engineers lowered the Center of Gravity and moved it closer to the club face to launch the ball higher with lower spin. VARIABLE FACE TECHNOLOGY The new CG Black woods feature an advanced face thickness to reduce the carry loss on off-center hits. PERFECTING SOUND AND FEEL A driver not only has to perform well, but it also has to look right at address and give off a pleasing sound to the ear at impact. The Y-Shape Sound Rib allows for a pleasing sound with higher frequencies. LOW SWING MOI By lowering the Swing MOI, CG Black products promote a pro-like swing, resulting in higher head speed and greater distance with the same swing effort. Specifications: 2015 Cleveland CG Black Driver Loft Volume Length Swing Weight Lie Weight 9.0� 460cc 46" D2 60.0� 260g 10.5� 460cc 46" D2 60.0� 260g 12.0� 460cc 46" D2 60.0� 260g
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Golf
BRAND-> Cleveland -> Single Club
STATUS-> instock

Price: 349.95


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