2015 Cleveland CG Black Iron Set

2015 Cleveland CG Black Iron Set
2015 Cleveland CG Black Iron Set The CG Black irons were designed to make Senior and Women golfers carry the ball longer. These irons are designed for higher launch and longer carry for golfers with swing speeds less than 90 mph who are looking to target more fl agsticks with less club. LOW SWING MOI By lowering the Swing MOI, CG Black products promote a pro-like swing, resulting in higher head speed and greater distance with the same swing effort. COMPARISON OF HIGH COR AREA The 20% larger High COR Area allows for more consistency throughout the club face which helps make this not only longer but more accurate than other clubs tested. IMPROVED COR (FACE DESIGN) Making CG Black irons longer wouldn't mean much if they weren't more accurate and consistent too. The thin, high-strength steel face creates a larger area of maximum ball speed, plus allows for more perimeter weighting for more accuracy and consistency. CLEVELAND'S MOST ACCURATE IRON TO DATE Combining these factors means more distance with a slight draw bias. Instead of making this a pure distance iron we also made this more accurate than competitors. IMPROVED CG LOCATION Utilizing a progressive set of irons starting with a hollow hybrid chassis in the 4 and 5 irons move the COG lower and towards the back of the club making it easier to launch the ball higher. In the 6 and 7 iron we utilized a lower CG by making the the face thinner to achieve this higher launch. Keeping an orthodox chassis makes these irons easy to address and also improves workability. Specifications: 2015 Cleveland CG Black Iron Set Swing Weight Model Loft Bounce Length Lie Steel Graphite 4 22? 1? 39.5" 60.5? D3 D0 5 24? 2? 38.75" 61? D3 D0 6 27? 2? 38" 61.5? D3 D0 7 30? 3? 37.25" 62? D3 D0 8 34? 4? 36.75" 62.5? D3 D0 9 39? 5? 36.25" 63? D3 D0 PW 44? 6? 35.75" 63.5? D3 D0 GW 50? 8? 35.5" 63.5? D4 D2 SW 56? 12? 35.25" 63.5? D4 D2
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