8 Board Golf Swing Trainer

8 Board Golf Swing Trainer
8 Board -- Includes Instructional DVD In a sport where the swing is everything, there is little room for error or improper form and the 8board is the lion in the swing kingdom. As the pros themselves have told us, the 8board teaches proper stance, proper rotation, and proper balance in relation to the complete swing: backswing to follow-through. Your stroke can become smoother as the 8board trains you to use your entire body properly to complete the swing. Not only does the device give you the feeling of being grounded, but it incites muscle memory and protects the back and trunk from the strain of improper rotation when pivoting. When you are grounded or rooted for the swing and you are coiling properly from your center, you lessen the chances of enervating your own power. With practice, this type of calculated movement becomes automatic and perfunctory to your swing, guaranteeing precision at each attempt. With the 8board program an athlete can train their entire body to move symmetrically with pristine balance. This way, the club is not a separate fixture to your swing, but acts instead as an appendage that moves in a natural order when your center (hips and trunk) are generating power at their best. You can take strokes off your game with such symmetry in movement as it translates into your swing. Now and forever, the 8 way is the only way to play. "The 8Board is the only training device that can teach you how to properly use your hips and legs in five minutes. It really works!" John Mason Director of Instruction, J.C. Golf School at Encinitas Ranch, Encinitas, CA Named: 2002 "Player of the Year" (Southern California PGA, San Diego Chapter Included with every 8 Board: * Instructional DVD * Carrying Case * 30 Day Money Back Guarantee * Lifetime Guarantee
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