Adams Idea Super S Hybrid - Womens - LEFT HANDED

Adams Idea Super S Hybrid - Womens - LEFT HANDED
Adams Super S Hybrid - Womens Easy to hit . . . into more greens. After playing the new SUPER S Hybrid, you may find yourself wanting a full bag of them. They're super easy to hit and consistently perform from a variety of lies all over the course. We've made a lot of great hybrids in our history and these, we must say, are the absolute best. Features: Adams Super S Hybrid - Womens  • Adams' longest stainless steel hybrid  • Higher launch without increased spin • Cut-thru sole slot  • Improved sole slot design increases the ball speed for more distance. • Combination of sole slot and crown slot creates higher launch.  • From the leader in hybrid technology and the #1 Hybrid on the PGA Tour. Cut-Thru Sole Slot The SUPER S Hybrid has a new sole slot featuring Cut-Thru Slot Technology, which really ramps up the ball speed. This new sole slot increases the Characteristic Time (CT) up to 230 making it an ultra-hot stainless steel clubface. Refined Crown Slot for Added Forgiveness The SUPER S Hybrid has a redesigned crown slot that is thinner, deeper and longer that provides a new level of performance. Getting the ball in the air is easy from any lie. The ease of hitting high and straight shots makes going for the green an easy decision on those long par-4's and par-5's. Matte White Crown The matte white crown makes the clubhead look larger, and a contrasting PVD face improves alignment. The combination of these features provides the golfer with increased confidence at address. Specifications: Adams Super S Hybrid - Womens Model Loft Lie Length SW Hand Flex 3 19� 57� 39” C6 R L WOMENS 4 22� 57.5� 38.25” C6 R L WOMENS 5 25� 58� 37.5” C6 R L WOMENS 6 28� 58.5� 36.875” C6 R WOMENS Shaft:� Matrix Kujoh 50 Grip: �Adams Full Choice Lavender
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Golf
BRAND-> Adams Golf -> Single Clubs
STATUS-> instock

Price: 79.95