Adams Idea Tech Hybrid Individual Iron

Adams Idea Tech Hybrid Individual Iron
Adams Idea Tech Hybrid Individual Iron The new Idea Tech Hybrid Irons are designed for golfers with slower swing speeds (below 85 mph) who want to get the ball up in the air and find some of that distance that's been lost over the years. Refined, barbell-shaped slot on the crown reduces the amount of stress while increasing the amount of deflection at impact. This new slot design makes Idea Tech faster and longer compared to our Idea Hybrid Irons. New Progressive Shaft Design A new progressive shaft design throughout the set enables a higher launch due to the thinner shaft tip diameter � technology that works perfectly for slower swings. Trying to generate different energy and force in the downswing isn't necessary. High launch and easy to hit performance is achievable because of the thinner shaft tips. Wrap Around Slots Wrap-around slots from the toe across the sole and into the crown are designed to expand the sweet spot across the entire face, delivering better performance even with mis-hits. Specifications: Adams Idea Tech Hybrid Individual Iron Club Loft Lie Length Swing Weight Hand 6 28� 61.25� 38.25" D5 R/L 7 32� 62.25� 37.5" D5 R/L 8 36� 63� 36.75" D5 R/L 9 40� 63.75� 36" D5 R/L PW 44� 64� 35.75" D5 R/L
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BRAND-> Adams -> Single Clubs
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Price: 99.95