Adams Red Hybrid

Adams Red Hybrid
Adams Red Hybrid The recipe for Red is simple: Engineers placed the focus on versatility, utilizing a smaller head(95cc) that can handle a wider variety of difficult shots and makethem easier to hit from all conditions. Adams' patented upside-down head design brings the CGlower, promoting easier launch and greater demand from all lies,increasing playability and inspiring player confidence. To keep ball speed fast, even on off-center hits, Red utilizesAdams' trusted and proven Velocity Slot TechnologyTM on the soleand Ghost Slot TechnologyTM on the crown. As an extra benefit to those seeking maximum shot-shape options,three transferable weights on the sole (one 25g & two 2g) can beconfigured to promote the flight that works best. The result of these ingredients is Red: an aesthetically pleasinghybrid that will work for the golfer to make the game's difficultshots easier. Electroformed Nickel Cobalt grooves provide long lasting spin. Soft 1025 carbon steel body Glare reducing dark smoke PVD fiish KBS Tour wedge shaft Golf Pride Tour Velvet Red Cap Grip Specifications: Adams Red Hybrid Club Loft Lie Length Swing Weight Hand Volume Red Hybrid 16� 57.5� 41" D2 R 100cc Red Hybrid 18� 58� 40.5" D2 R/L 97cc Red Hybrid 20� 58.5� 40" D2 R/L 95cc Red Hybrid 23� 59� 39.5" D2 R/L 93cc Red Hybrid 26� 59.5� 39" D2 R 92cc
CATEGORY-> Sports/Outdoors -> Golf
BRAND-> Adams Golf -> Single Clubs
STATUS-> instock

Price: 179.95